Who I Am


Defintely not your regular guy. 

1. (noun.) my name

2. (adj.) a great person                               

What I do

Creative Writer, Artist(Spoken Word, Rapper) Buddding UI/UX Designer. None of these things define me



What I want

I desire to help people discover who they are.




Writing Journey

I had just read a poem Ibrahim Suleiman wrote that was saved on Akor Opaluwa's Hard drive in a Soul quest folder.

Ibrahim is a dancer and so I was. He was someone I looked up to and when I saw that he did poetry too, I just knew I could do the same. So I started, and that was back in 2009/10.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Why An Artist?

To express the creative side of God with words. Thus, bringing  to life the identity of who we really are.

Why I Do What I Do?

 I desire to express the image of realness in me through any form of art I lay my hands on and bring about the knowledge of our true identity.