hi i'm ok3nwa, kedu?
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It was a sunny afternoon. Clouds were intersecting clouds, the rays from the sun was hitting the ground at intervals. One moment I could see my shadow as I walked down my street, the next I could not because there was intermittent light and darkness caused by the clouds passing through rays from the sun.

It was a hot and sunny afternoon, the room was a bit dark. The curtain hung at the window covered a bit of window opening so that only a few rays could be seen. I was standing at her bedside. I think I was making her bed when she walked into the room.

I don’t know why and what made my mum utter this statement. It must have been a sudden realization of something about me or the awesome feeling of having a first son who will turn out to be more than he was. She looked at me and said “I have no doubt you’ll be great”.

I did not act surprised, I probably said “amen”. To me it meant that I would top my class in school because my mentality could not process greatness. I did not forget what she said either.

My name is okenwa (igbo) and it means “great child”. One question comes to mind “what defines greatness?”

It took me taking a couple of trips, falling, travelling through life, driving on an empty tank of knowledge, stopping at gas stations of wisdom but not paying enough attention to get wise, to arrive at this conclusion but I’m just starting the ignition. Reason being that I was fuel of myself so I did not think I needed a refill.

I eventually got filled with wisdom. Filled my thanks giving me a change of heart from stone to a flesh so soft, it has the ability to drench in water, a living one.

Now I am convinced that greatness is knowing Jesus and letting it define me. I know that since he is greater, I am greater and as he is, so am I.

So between when my mum said what she said and now, I have believed what Jesus did for the world. History has it recorded. His story has it recorded that he died and rose so that those of us who thought we were far off, are brought near.

Greatness is realising that in Christ, you’ll live forever beyond the long life you’ve been wishing and praying for.


You are great! You are a okenwa!


  • Chika, August 3, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Good Write up!!!!!

  • Kenneth, August 18, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    I am a okenwa. I express greatness everywhere I go because that is who I am. In Christ, I am defined already. Glory!!!


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