hi i'm ok3nwa, kedu?


I am okenwa (ok3nwa), poet, author, creative, copy & content writer. Using my voice to let you know whose you are is my true passion.
My value is not in what I do but in who lives in me

  • POET

    Words are magical. They are more than ink on a paper or wind from one's trachea. Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone either uses creates or destroys when they use words. I desire, love and choose to use words - spoken or written - to build esteem, identities. to tell stories, to invite my audience to grow as I grow.


    ...and Finisher of my faith. Five, Ten, or Fifteen minutes of a performance is but a drop when it comes to sharing the ocean of wisdom that I desperately want to. Neither is One, two or three books. Yet I enjoy sharing a pond of wisdom over a drop. Hence, I write books. making my audience sit still on my spinning wheel as the words i breathe mould them to life.

  • ME

    I believe that asides the things I do, I house the Spirit of God, I mean, GOD lives in me by His Spirit. I am his righteouness; I am who He is, LOVE; I have eternal life (I will live forever). When Jesus died, I died. He rose, I'm risen. He's seated in heavenly places, I'm right there too. I am love, joy, peaceful, patient, kind etc. WHAT!!!!


    This is about my wife that I'd soon find.

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